A complete line of medium-duty and heavy-duty tables  

for work holding in metal fabrication and woodworking

Our tried and tested system is the fastest method of locating and clamping your workpieces. The system consists of a working surface machined with equally spaced boreholes, allowing you to slip-fit clamps, stops, spacers, and other work holding tools into place.

large tube setup on pro28 table

Alpha Tables

Our new 5-sided table system. Available in heavy-duty 28 mm and medium-duty 5/8" diameter borehole configurations.

nitrided and standard max tables side by side

MAX Tables

Single-sided table system. Available in MAX (slotless) and MAX slotted tabletops, standard and nitrided finish.

welder welding a fixture on rhino cart

Mobile Working Stations

The Rhino Cart and Manipulator give you the ultimate, competent, and compact mobile working stations.

Welder works on positioner


Mount your BuildPro Welding Tabletops to the platforms to get the ideal height for each project.

What People Are Saying About Us
Jamie Hyneman
CEO of M5 Industries Inc. and Host of Mythbusters
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The BuildPro welding table design is ingenious. Flexible enough to accommodate and lock down anything you can fit on it ...
G. Christoff
St. Clair Shores, MI
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The BuildPro® is a very high quality table that I have dreamed about for a long time. I can do so much more and with much higher quality.
Travis B
Selma, NC
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I use these tables at my work to do repairs on welds on aircraft parts. They are quick and easy to make mock up fixtures to make sure everything stays intolerance and in correct position. This is why they were a no-brainer for me to purchase for my own.
S. Auman
Willow Spring, NC
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The BuildPro® Table has reduced our fixture setup time, making our operation more profitable.
Kasey S
Gainesville, GA
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Very very well made! Super precise tolerances, clean and ready to be used. Just slap the legs on and off we go! Would recommend!
Damon S
Long Beach, CA
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These tables are so awesome that we bought our third!

New Products

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Alpha 28 Table System

Precision Horizontal and vertical fixturing with unlimited possibilities.

The five-face Alpha 28 Table with 28 mm boreholes is the optimal solution for precision vertical and horizontal fixturing to expand your capabilities in welding and fabrication.

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Alpha 5/8 Table System

A new medium-duty table line from BuildPro

 It features 5 sides fitted with 5/8″ diameter boreholes for more versatility and expandability than before. Maintaining industry-leading requirements for flatness, squareness, and dimensional accuracy.

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MAX Imperial System

Fixture Efficiently and Fabricate Accurately

Single-sided medium-duty tables feature boreholes on the top surface and feature patented self-locating and reversible table top plates. Available in MAX (slotless) and MAX slotted tabletops.

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Mobile Working Stations

The Rhino Cart and Manipulator feature a replaceable heavy-duty tabletop that accepts all 5/8″ diameter TM fixturing components – giving you the ultimate, compact mobile working stations.

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All Table System Comparison

Alpha 28 Tables

Alpha 5/8 Tables

MAX Tables

Rhino Cart

FixturePoint Tables







Table Hole Dia.

28 mm (1.1")




16 mm (0.63")

Hole Spacing

100 mm (3.9")




50 mm (2")

Table Flatness

±0.125 mm per 600 x 600 mm

(±0.005 per 24" x 24")

±0.005 per 24" x 24"

±0.005 per 24" x 24"

±0.015" per 24" x 24" 

0.7 mm per 1,000 mm

(0.028" per 40")

Top Plate Thickness

25 ±0.06 mm (1" ±0.002)

0.47" ±0.004

0.630" ±0.004

0.630" ±0.004

4 ±0.3 mm (0.16" ±0.01)

Tabletop Side Height

200 mm (7.9")




109 mm (4.3")




Nitrided / Standard



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New Products

Our new products will help you create a safer and better workplace to increase productivity and work quality, and reduce project lead times.​


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Our company was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of small, hand-sized tools.

Today the Strong Hand Tools team is nearly 200 strong, with almost half our team based at our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and satellite facilities across ten U.S. states.

We started with the idea of providing unique clamping and work-holding solutions to the metal fabrication and machining industry. Throughout the years, we have expanded our product line to assist fabricators in mastering their craft by offering products that deliver improved comfort, productivity, and safety.

However, one popular European innovation caught our eye; the Modular Welding Table. It was still unknown and unaffordable in the US, but we realized it could bring immense benefits to the American workforce. So, through many trials and sweat-filled days, we found a way to manufacture a product unlike any other on the market and never looked back.


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