PRO28 System

The only Modular Heavy Duty Welding Table

with positionable, self-locating, reversible Table Plates for unlimited possibilities in Heavy Duty Fixturing for Welding and Fabrication. Accurately locate, position and clamp stock for higher quality welding.

BuildPro Engineers developed the PRO28 line by customer demand for an affordable, heavy duty, metric Welding Table. The five-face PRO28 Table is the optimal solution for precision vertical and horizontal fixturing to expand your capabilities in welding and fabrication.

Table Accuracy

Hole Diameter:

28 + .20 /-0 mm

Hole Spacing:

100 ±0.05 mm

Table Flatness:

± 0.064 mm per 600 x 600 mm area

Plate Thickness:

25 ±0.06 mm

Tabletop Finish: 

Nitrided (Heat-Treated)

Surface Hardness:

HV 750

Coefficient of Friction:


Top Plate





Side Plate





Table Plates are made from tough P20 low alloy tool steel for a HV750 hardness, then CNC machined for flatness.

QPQ Nitriding Treatment provides corrosion and weld spatter resistance for superior performance and wear.

Patented, self-locating Table Plates can be repositioned, then easily realigned to the original position. Reposition the table plates as needed to increase the width of the table for oversized or complex fixtures.

2x1 pro28 table with offset plates

2X Life! After showing signs of wear, PRO28 Table Plates can be reversed to provide a new work surface.​

Each Heavy Duty Table leg supports 4,400 lb [2,000 kg]. ​

PRO28 tables feature 6 legs compared to competitors’ 4 legs on 2.4 x 1.2 and 2.1 x 1.0 table sizes for greater rigidity and flatness​

System Borehole​

System Borehole

Hole Diameter: 28 +.20/-0 mm
Hole Spacing: 10 ±0.050 mm
Large chamfer on top for easy insertion. Chamfer on underside as well to maximize bolt clamping force.

Table surface​

Table Flatness: ± 0.064 mm per 600 x 600 mm area (± 0.0025” per 24” x 24” area) Material: P20 Hardness: HV750 Surface Hardness: HV750 Base Material Hardness: HV 260-290 Borehole spacing 100 mm with additional 100 mm grid offset by 50 mm in the x and y axis, aka diagonal grid.

Material Thickness​

Material Thickness​

Plate Thickness: 25 ±0.06 mm Tabletop Finish: Nitrided (Heat-Treated) Coefficient of Friction: 0.37

Table Side Panel​

Table Side Panel​

Material: Q345B Hardness: HV550 200 mm high

Patented Self-locating Plate System for Top and Side Plates

Patented Self-locating Plate System for Top and Side Plates

Locating features in the table frame and plate combine with our locator bushings for self alignment.

Material Thickness​

Side Plates also use self locating bushing system.

Stronger, More Rigid Frame

The machined tubular frame construction of the PRO28 table provides improved flatness and torsional stiffness compared to plate only frames. The rigid frame with modular plates on the PRO28 means less high spots and less twisting compared to welded plate designs. The welded construction of a plate only design often leads to distortion and high spots around the corners and center.

PRO28 Tubular Frame Design
PRO28 Tubular Frame Design
Welded Plate Design
Welded Plate Design

Each plate is made from a low alloy tool steel that’s tough enough for use in the mold making industry. After surface grinding and machining, each plate is further enhanced with a QPQ nitriding process that improves hardness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to weld spatter. 

Plates on the table can be repositioned, or removed as applications dictate; a patented plate locating system means the spacing of the holes are always within tolerance without the need for special re-calibration.

The unique and versatile PRO28 Tables are complemented by a complete range of Modular Fixturing Components and Fixturing Kits.

tabletop closeup
The system of Ø28 mm CNC machined table holes in a 100 mm grid pattern is the ideal platform for rapid, precise, and accurate fixturing.
Offset Tableplates
The patented Locating Bushing design allows you to easily remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates. Table Plates can be positioned to create the custom work surface configuration required for each unique fixturing application.
Frame Ribbing
PRO28 tables combine the rigidity and accuracy of a welded and machined frame with the flatness of precision ground, CNC machined plates.

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