Alpha 5/8 Tables, 6′ x 3′

Actual Table Surface Dimension: 72″ x 36″
Tabletop Side Height: 6″

* All load capacities are calculated based on static load.
* Optional Leg Brace Assembly TMLB70A is suggested.

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The new heavy-duty table line from BuildPro; it features 5 sides fitted with 5/8″ diameter boreholes for more versatility and expandability than before. Maintaining industry-leading requirements for flatness, squareness, and dimensional accuracy.

Table Accuracy

Hole Diameter:

0.625" + .002 / -.000

Hole Spacing:

2.000" ±0.001

Table Flatness:

±0.005 per 24" x 24"

Plate Thickness:

0.47" ±0.004

Tabletop Finish: 

Nitrided (Heat-Treated)

Surface Hardness:

58-62 HRC

Coefficient of Friction:


Top Plate




58-62 HRC

Side Plate




50-55 HRC

Precision ground steel plates, with CNC machined Ø5/8" holes in a 2" grid pattern for locating, positioning and mounting BuildPro clamps and accessories.

Plates can be reconfigured to expand the width of the table for larger projects.

Heavy Duty Leveling Feet ensure proper leveling of the table on uneven surfaces.

REVERSIBLE Self-Locating Top & Side Plates

All BuildPro welding tables feature precision machined self-locating steel plates and reversible top plates; this enables each table plate to be removed and flipped 180 degrees to expose a new working surface if the top side has been damaged or worn down.

Table Accuracy

Table flatness: ±0.005 per 24″ x 24″
Hole spacing: 2.000″ ±0.001
Hole diameter: 0.625″ +.002/-.000
Plate thickness: 0.47″ ±0.004

Tabletop Side Height

The new five-sided tables feature a 5-1/2″ side plate combined with the top plate to create a 6″ height.

Alpha table side plates feature an extended 5 borehole pattern for added precision and adjust-ability.

Plate Mounting Detail for Side Plates

Side Plates also use self locating bushing system.

Nitrided (Heat-Treated) Tabletop

All top and side plates of alpha table are constructed from heat-treated steel, hardened to 58-62 HRC (top) and 50-55 HRC (side), and finished with a nitrite coating with a case depth of .0004-.0008″.

What people say about us:

Ray H
Riverside, CA
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Amazing craftsmanship!!! Exclusively use by Orange County Water District R&D Welding Fabrication Department
Christopher S
Wellington, CO
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This table is amazing and totally worth the purchase. Saves so much time and effort!! Quality built!!
James M
Houston , TX
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It has allowed us to accept larger projects thank to the quick fixturing available now.

Use with 6x Heavy Duty Legs

  • Nitrided Finish
  •  Capacity: 1,500 lb / leg

Part No.

Use with Leg
Table Surface
Height (in)

Gross Weight










Use with 6x adjustable legs - adjustable at 1" increments

  • Nitrided Finish
  •  Capacity: 1,500 lb / leg

Part No.

Use with Leg
Table Surface
Height (in)

Gross Weight




28.3 ~ 38.3


Use with 6x adjustable legs with mobility caster

  • Nitrided Finish
  •  Capacity: 650 lb / leg

Part No.

Use with Leg
Table Surface Height (in)

Gross Weight (lb)



33 ~ 43


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