Multi-outlet Strip w/ Magnetic Mounting Plate

  • ‘Protected’ LED: Confirms that surge protection is active.
  • AC Input Cord: High-quality cord reaches distant outlets.
  • Always-On Outlet: Powers a device in continuous use, like a wireless router.
  • Advanced Surge/Noise Protection (Internal): Certified to meet strict UL standards.
  • Illuminated Main Switch: Controls switched outlets, but not the always-on outlet.
  • Illuminated Outlet Switches: Control each of the switched outlets.
  • Mounting Slots: Mount to wall, desk, workbench or media cabinet.
  • High-Impact Housing: Compact, durable and fire resistant.

More Details

"Always ON"

“Quick Pull Release Knob” provides free rotation of the Power Strip from 0° - 90°.

Large magnetic pads provide secure mounting.

Part No.

L X W X H (in)

Cord Length (ft)

Weight (lb)


16 x 4 x 4



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