Manipulator Fixturing Kits, Fit 5/8 Holes

We offer a 30-pc. fixturing kit (TUK5300) to make your set up on the new manipulator fast and accurate, minimize variables for repeat jobs.

Choose from the manipulator package or the fixturing it by itself.

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Manipulator TU52020 + Fixturing Kit TUK5300



30-pc. Fixturing Kit


TU52020-K1 includes one manipulator + 30-pc. fixturing kit (TUK5300). The whole package helps you:

  • Access difficult joints without putting yourself in an awkward position.
  • Position the joint for fastest technique. Go from vertical up or overhead to a flat or downhill weld. Get the job finished with less mental and physical fatigue.
  • Fast repositioning. No need to un-clamp.

30-pc. Kit includes:

Inserta Clamps

UDN5150 x2

Inserta Pliers

PTT634K x2


T54205 x4

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