Rotary Positioners

Positioner Capacity: 2,400 lb

Mount your BuildPro or PRO28 Welding Tabletop to the Rotary Positioner for plane rotation of your work surface. The low backlash gear drive allows for smooth operation, stability, and controlled turning and positioning.

The worm gears combined with center of gravity positioning minimizes the effort required for rotation while preventing free rotation of the table from gravity. A faceplate with 15° increments provides positive manual locking. The BuildPro Rotary Positioner allows you to rotate your weld fixture to the best ergonomic position for worker safety, comfort, and reduced operator fatigue.

The BuildPro Rotary Positioner is universal, with an adjustable base to accommodate most standard BuildPro or PRO28 Welding Tabletops. The Positioner features four swiveling, locking casters, and four leveling feet for setup at dedicated or alternating locations in the shop.


U.S. PAT.10328538

* Tabletop sold separately.
* For use with PRO28 Tabletops, contact our Sales Team for details..

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Product Details

Adjustment plates help shift the center of gravity in 1” increments when working with tall or heavy parts. This allows smoother rotation of assemblies up to 90° from horizontal.
Our new adjustable outriggers allow greater stability when working with taller assemblies and can be retracted when not required.

For MAX Tabletops

Fits TabletopsPlatform
Size (ft)
Part No.
TM(Q)59648V8 x 4926TMP59648


6 x 4




5 x 3



TM(Q)54848V4 x 4890TMP54848

For Slotted Tabletops

Fits TabletopsPlatform
Size (ft)
Part No.
TM(Q)59446SV8 x 4884TMP59446
TM(Q)57846SV6.5 x 4870TMP57846
TM(Q)57838SV 6.5 x 3870TMP57838
TM(Q)54746SV4 x 4848TMP54746
TM(Q)54738SV4 x 3848TMP54738
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