Slot Filler Kit

Use the Channel Block and Rest Button when a flat, continuous support surface is required directly over the 1.7″ table slots.

Place the 3-hole Channel Block beneath BuildPro plates, aligning with plate holes, and mount with Flush Mount Socket Head Shoulder Screws (included).

Place the Rest Button in the center hole of the Channel Block to provide a rigid work surface level with the tabletop.

The 5/8″ shank on the Rest Button slip fits into the Channel Block holes. To elevate a workpiece above the tabletop surface, place multiple Rest Buttons directly into the ∅5/8″ holes on the BuildPro plate.

* Not applicable to slotless tables.

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Product Details

Part No.

1 pc. Channel Block (T51003) 6.3" x 1.6" x 0.63"

1 pc. Rest Button

2 pc. Flush-mounted Screws

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