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143-pc. Fixturing Kit, Alpha 28

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Weight (kg)


143-pc. fixturing kit


143-pc. Kit includes:

T-Post Pipe Clamps

T28-61416 x8

Inserta Pliers

T28-60010 x4

Inserta Pliers

T28-60012 x2

Ball Lock Bolts

T28-46450 x48

vblock, vrest


T28-510612 x8

Straight Edge Stop 150 SL, T28-22155

Straight Edge Stops

T28-22155 x12

pro28 straight edge stop

Straight Edge Stops

T28-20255 x12

Angle Squares

T28-23183 x12

Cast Angle Squares

T28-23283 x4

Heavy Duty Cast Angle Squares​

T28-13028L x1 + 13028R x1

Heavy Duty Cast Squares

T28-18038L x1 + 18038R x1

Frame Squares

T28-32103L x2 + 32103R x2

Tool Cart

T28-92915 x1

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