Rhino Cart System

Charge right through your next fab project!

It’s a jungle out there . . . be ready to handle any build, repair, or assembly job with the New Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station. Quickly clamp and fixture at any point on the surface, store your tools, and charge right through your projects!

The Rhino Cart® Mobile Fixturing Station is a turnkey system for fixturing and clamping in welding and fabrication. Clamp and fixture at any point on the reversible, flat ground, nitrided (heat treated) 48″ x 30″ tabletop for accuracy in all of your setups.

Hole Diameter:


Grid Pattern:

2" x 2"

Tabletop Size:

48" x 30"

Tabletop Thickness: 


Table Height: 


Static Loading Capacity:

1,500 LB

rhino cart tabletop with frame


5/8″ steel plate reversible tabletop with nitrided black oxide protective finish for wear, rust, and weld spatter resistance.

CNC precision bored 5/8 inch diameter holes

CNC Hole Pattern

Accurately position parts in CNC precision bored 5/8″ dia. holes in 2″ x 2″ spacing pattern.

yellow pegboard

Store & Organize

Shelves, racks, and a pegboard panel allow you to store, organize, and keep clamps and accessories within reach.

Locking casters and leveling feet

Locking Casters

Steel legs are equipped with four locking casters and leveling feet for mobile or stationary use.

Optional Accessories The optional accessories attach to the Rhino Cart® for greater versatility in mobile or stationary cutting, welding and fabrication!

Optional Accessories

The optional accessories attach to the Rhino Cart for greater versatility in mobile or stationary cutting, welding and fabrication!

small stair rail frame on rhino cart

Optional Tools from TM System

The Rhino Cart Tabletop is COMPATIBLE WITH all TM Clamps, Components, and Modular Fixturing Kits (except Sliding Channel Clamps and Sliding Channel Bases).


The Rhino Cart® Table has been a great addition to our shop; faster, and better quality, and we’re building with confidence. We’re also building more complicated assemblies.

G. Adamson

Woodland Park, CO

CAD Library

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